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Company "Mavi" is a reliable supplier of garden and construction equipment of high quality. We have a wide range of wheelbarrows, wheels, shovels, cement mixers, canisters, and other construction equipment. We ship goods in bulk to all regions of the country. Cooperate with reliable and well-known logistics companies.Also an important advantage of our company that our entire range of products are always in stock. So our customers can be assured of timely and uninterrupted supply of equipment at any time of the year. It is important that we can deliver to Moscow at any time of the day, seven days a week."But what about the quality?" – You will ask. We carefully monitor the quality of our products, therefore all products have certificates of conformity. Constant study and revision of the product — improve the performance and quality of products! Personal acquaintance with the owners of the factories also allows us to guarantee the reliability of the product, and even to preserve the level of acceptable prices.Many years of experience in this field allows us to predict market needs before and to always keep up with the times. Especially valuable for our customers is that we do not simply buy products at standard settings at the factory, but we also make it easy technical and design changes. For example, our cars have additional reinforcement and protection against abrasion. And convenient packaging and labeling will allow You to quickly and easily ship the goods to your customers.Our specialists will always advise You on the optimum line of products, based on Your needs. Our policy is aimed at long-term cooperation. So we are exclusively looking for regular partners.
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