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Felo Werkzeugfabrik from Neustadt (Hesse) is one of the world’s leading German specialists in development and manufacture of screwdrivers and bits.
The 5th generation of tool makers is looking back on a history dating back to the year 1878, still dedicated to the principle of the founders: to manufacture innovative products of the highest quality.
Export was in focus from the start and multilingual catalogues were used early on. In the 1930 first international patents were applied for and granted.
Professionals and ambitious DIY users are Felo’s main target groups. Users who need reliable tools that are perfectly suited for the job at hand and who can tell the difference.

The Felo engineering department works in close cooperation with in-house tooling to create new products and improve existing items and production equipment.
Quite a few production machines and inspection tools and even some software are custom built and programmed by Felo itself.
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Address: Emil-Roessler- Str. 59
Phone: ++49(0)6692-880
Fax: ++49(0)6692-8899

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